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Where do I park?
Unless otherwise stated, offerings are held on the Merced College Main Campus, 3600 M Street in Merced. Parking Permits are required at any hour. Day passes may be purchased from ticket dispensers placed throughout campus for $1.00 a day. Parking passes may also be purchased online here. All persons who enter college grounds are charged with the knowledge of these provisions and are subject to fines, towing, or impoundment.

Parking at the BRC
If you are parking at the Merced College Business Resource Center (BRC), located at 630 W 19th Street, Downtown Merced, you may park in front of the building or utilize the City of Merced parking garage next door. No parking permit is required (only at the BRC).

Can I register on the first day?
Some offerings do not let you register on the same day. Please call the office at (209) 384-6224 to make sure you can still register on the same day or as a walk-in. Most offerings will allow walk-in registration if space is available. We encourage you to register early as many offerings fill prior to the start date. Offerings with low enrollment may be canceled prior to the start date.

What information do I need to provide to register for an offering or trip?
We have a registration site that is separate from Merced College – You will only need to give us your name, address, phone number, date of birth, gender, and email address (if desired).

How do I register?
There are 3 ways you can register for our offerings. Click here for more information.

Can my child take an adult offering?
Most of our adult offerings are for people ages 18 and up.

What do the fees pay for?
Our offerings do not receive state or federal funding. Your enrollment fees pay for instructor salaries, facilities (where applicable), and administrative costs.

Can I get a refund?
Click here to read the refund policy.

What other fees will I pay?
For some offerings an additional material fee may be charged. In some cases the fee is collected at the time of registration. Other times the material fee is paid directly to the instructor on the first day.

Why are offerings cancelled?
Our offerings must be offered at no cost to the district because they are not state or federally funded. A minimum number of students must be enrolled in order for an offering to be held. The decision whether or not to cancel is made one to two days before the start date so please register early to help us avoid cancellations. An email is sent or a phone call is made to all participants enrolled in a cancelled offering.

Can I get Financial Aid?
Because we do not receive state or federal funding to help support our program, we are not eligible to offer state or federal financial aid to our students. However, many times rehabilitation or retraining companies pay for their clients to participate in our offerings. Additionally, our online Career Training Programs do have some financial assistance options available through Gatlin Education Services. For more information about these options visit

Special Accommodations
Requests for reasonable accommodations for disabilities must be made at the time of registration and at least 10 days before the event. Every effort within our ability and legal responsibility will be made to meet your request.

Where can I buy tickets?
The Merced College Box Office, located in front of the Merced College Theater, is open for ticket sales one hour prior to scheduled performances. Call the Box Office at 384-6284 for performance or ticket information.



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Please help support the Community Education and College for Kids Programs with a donation. These programs are self-supporting through registration fees as we do not receive any general fund monies from the College. Any funds received are tax deductible through the Merced College Foundation which is a non-profit.




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